Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Warren Buffett's Stock Picks

Warren Buffett's Picks

KO- Coca Cola

WFG-Wells Fargo & Co

AXP-Amer Express Inc

PG-Procter Gamble Co

BNI-Burlingtn N Sante

KFT-Kraft Foods Inc

JNJ-Johnson And Johnson

WSC-Wesco Financial Company

BUD-Anheuser Busch

MCO-Moody's Corp

COP-Conco Phillips

WPO-Washington Post

USG-U s g Co

No Analysis added

People owning USG also tend to own: HRTMRHAESCKHCTRPDRHEBAY

TheStreet.com Rating: D+ What is this?

Union Pacific

No Analysis added

People owning UNP also tend to own: AAALLAPCBABACCCAT

What is this? TheStreet.com Rating: A-
BAC- Bank of America CP

No Analysis added

People owning BAC also tend to own: AAPLGOOGINTCMSFTRACKCFCASH

TheStreet.com Rating: C What is this?

NKE-Nike Inc Class B


hiphopopotamus said...

if he bought these in february... they were terrible picks.

Jacob Richter said...

A lot of Buffett's picks did not pan out so well recently. The truth is that no one's picks have done to well. However, the stocks that are in the larger article have beat the market incredibly!

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